Diamonds: To Polish Or Not To Polish

Diamond Polish GradesRaw diamonds look very much like rough, dull pebbles. It takes quite a bit of skill and craftsmanship to cut and shape this raw product into a sparkling, brilliant gem. A skilled diamond cutter must be able to see through the rough exterior and identify the natural brilliance held deep in the stone. Every diamond has its own unique characteristics. Diamond craftsmen must unveil the potential of each stone through a combination of experience, knowledge, specialized tools and equipment and mathematical precision.

The final appearance of each stone is strongly affected by the original value and quality of the diamond in the rough. Specific characteristics diamond cutters take into consideration are carat weight, clarity and color. Clearly a great deal of care and consideration goes into the original production of a beautiful, sparkling diamond. It may surprise you to know that poor polishing products and techniques can undo all this hard work and caution in a remarkably short time.

“Diamond polish” is a term that is used to describe the quality of the surface of a diamond. It is the result of careful professional polishing that is intended to smooth and remove any blemishes following the cutting and shaping process. Polish is the quality that influences the ability of light to pass through the diamond creating brilliance and sparkle.

How beautiful a diamond can bePoor care and the passage of time can cause a diamond to lose that sparkle. For this reason, it is very important that you learn how to care for your diamond properly and avoid using cleaning and polishing techniques that might end up spoiling your prized possession.

If your diamond has become dull or seems to have picked up dust and other debris, take some time to determine exactly what is marring its surface. This is important because the process for removing garden soil may be quite different from that for removing flour, cosmetics or some other substance. You will want to be able to tell your jeweler exactly what has happened to your diamond when you take it for professional cleaning.

Protect Your Diamonds From Damage

Naturally, large and costly items of diamond jewelry are usually kept safely locked away to protect them against harm and theft. What about your everyday diamond jewelry, though? Isn’t it alright to wear your diamond engagement ring all the time? After all, it is a symbol of your undying love and devotion for your beloved. To find out more about the diamond polish check out this link.

While this way of thinking is certainly the most popular, you may want to rethink it if you want to extend the life and beauty of your engagement ring. If you are an active woman who engages in activities that are potentially damaging to your ring, you may find it more practical and smarter to think of yourself as protecting and cherishing your marriage by protecting and cherishing your ring.

Establish a habit of removing your ring before digging in the dirt, kneading bread or practicing your oil painting or massage techniques. You can eliminate the risk of losing your ring while it is off your finger by keeping the original box and putting it in a safe place away from drains and other potential loss and damage hazards.

By setting up a regular procedure for safeguarding your ring from damage or loss, you can extend its life and ensure its value. Alternately, you might wish to make a habit of wearing gloves when participating in activities that might harm your diamond. As an added bonus, you will also be protecting your hands against damage and potential injury.

Use The Gentlest Products & Technique For Safe Cleaning

If you want to try cleaning your diamond jewelry at home, be sure to use only safe and gentle processes and products. Here are the steps you will want to take to clean and polish your diamond at home:

1. Mix up a mild solution of very warm water and dish soap.

2. Place your diamond jewelry in the solution to soak for 20-40 minutes.

3. Use a very soft toothbrush to gently clean the surface of the piece.

4. Rinse the item of jewelry in warm, running water (be sure to cover the drain!)

5. Dry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.

Never Polish Your Diamonds Like This!

Only use mild dish soap to clean your diamond jewelry. Don’t use acetone, alcohol or bleach. In fact, you should protect your diamonds from harsh chemicals and abrasives of all kinds, including:

* Scrubbing powders

* Baking soda

* Toothpaste

* Bleach

Harsh chemicals and abrasives can severely compromise the brilliance of your stone.

Do Not Use Automatic Jewelry Cleaning Machines

You may have seen ads for ultrasonic machines that are supposed to clean your jewelry gently and professionally. Don’t fall for this. These machines can not only damage your diamond, they can loosen the structure of your jewelry. You may end up having your stone fall out of its setting to be lost forever when you use this type of machine for cleaning. The reason for this is that the ultrasonic vibrations are simply too vigorous. They loosen settings and damage the craftsmanship of fine jewelry.

When you purchase your diamond jewelry, a good jeweler will offer you a cleaning and maintenance plan. This is a wise investment in the beauty and value of your diamond rings and other items of high quality jewelry. Remember that it is always best to take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for cleaning. In this way, you eliminate the risk of dulling the brilliance of your stones.

5 Tips to Succeed In Diamond Mining Business

Mining is considered to be among the most profitable industrial establishments all over the world, yet, it is known for its high risk effects such as finance, which is the least to expect.

There are far more great risks in this dangerous adventure like loss of lives. Diamond mining is nothing less than any precious stone hunt and of course the process begins on research, and it follows suite of gemstone hunt until it is ready to be priced. Here are some important tips.


If you are willing to engage in diamond mining, you should of exercise precautions on research.

First, familiarize with your target market before your hunting point. This will save you the embarrassment of producing lower quality of diamonds needed by your target market.
Second, get to know the exact place to dig. This will enable you to go straight for what you are precisely looking for since there are of different colors, could be blue, brown red or pink.

Permit for Diamond Mining

Get a permit from the authority, you do not want to risk going to jail for prospecting. There are standards set by laws of any given government on mining.

You must be approved to mine diamonds so to have a successful research especially when looking for a place to set your digging point. This will save you the trouble that might arise with the locals of that place.


Diamond mining is not a sole proprietorship business unless you are a multi billionaire; you will need financiers to boost the process given the expensive expenses along the way before a diamond is ready to be sold out. Find potential sponsors and explain your strategy honestly without holding a single thought back.

This will make the sponsors or partners stick with you even if you might face crisis along the way like tax increase among others. Getting partners to help in the mining is a wise move and an advantage especially if you will be partnering with a local company from the area you wish to explore.


In many mining businesses contracts are always a valuable asset and Diamond Mining is nothing short either. Perhaps you are producing unpolished diamonds for a certain client you might suggest that you sign a contract of a certain period of time.

This will ensure you that the client is tied to wait until that time is over before hiring someone else to do the job in claiming you are un able to deliver the said product. If you happen to have hired a firm to excavate the ground for proper digging, you will need a signed contract to ensure the company does not back out before completing its work.

Contracts are essential in progress of any work, for it is only through contracts you can claim compensation if you encounter problems with your partners.


Ambition is the key to fair well in diamond mining. Being the case, you need strong desires unaltered by small obstacles for it is an adventure that is full of adventures. This, together with a clear strategy will take you far.

4 Moments That Deserve Attention in Wedding Ceremonies

There comes a time when you or your loved oneshave to move to another level in life concerning relationship. If you are theone doing the planning for the occasion or preparing a schedule for your wedding ceremony, there are a few moments to make sure that they are well prepared for.

If you are the groom, the bride, or perhaps just an invited guest in the event,these moments are worth the maximum of your attention. In short, every person ina wedding ceremony gathering, including the officials, attendants, the groomand his bride should prepare well for these moments. Here are the four mostcrucial moments.

TheProcession of the Wedding

In most cases, very rarely do the couples get toplan their own weddings, and if they do, they at least handle a fraction of thetasks. In Wedding Ceremonies, the procession is usually the moment when theattendants gain entry to the setting and move around the aisle, some takingseats at their preferred or designated places. It is quite important to takeprior attention and consideration for this moment; you should come up with aplan that won’t cause bias of any Kind.

TheCouples Orientation and Charge

At some point in time, the couples get to receivematrimonial advice from their officiating professional, religious leader, or arelationship expert in some cases.Grooms or brides in wedding ceremonies must be attentive to this moment.Here, they are counseled about the importance of the vows they are about tomake and their significant roles in the marriage to-be. They get the truemeaning of the ring.

Whenthe Vows and Rings Are Exchanging

At the aisle, exchanging of vows is one momentthat most people in the gathering wait for. Indeed, it is a moment that thebride and groom should be highly attentive and open minded, repeating the wordsthey are given to say without making errors. The part where the couple swears‘I do’ and as they exchange rings deserves high attention. This is actually thepart where they tie the knot.

Whenthe Official Pronounces the Marriage

At this particular moment when the officiatingpriest or expert pronounces the couple as husband and wife is also quitecrucial. As the groom or bride, you should be highly attentive to how you reactfrom that moment. It almost in all basic wedding ceremonies; it is usuallyfollowed by another long awaited moment, when the groom kisses the bride.

From the point of procession, opening remarks, closingwords and recession where the gathering leavers the setting, the weddingplanner should pay close attention to every minor or major detail in the planof events.